Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work Outs

When I want to find out the best restaurants in an area I do sometimes use Yelp etc. to find reviews but the first place I go to for suggestions is my friends so I thought why not do the same with my workouts!?!

Lately I've been setting the goal of 3 cardio workouts and 3 weight based workouts a week. (Sometimes pole counts as a weight based workout if it's a tough enough class.) Then I throw in a bit of stretching and call it a full week of working out. I'll be honest it's good to have a bit of motivation keeping me going - I've got 2 formals to go to in a months and over New Year's I'm going to be in a bikini so those things definitely keep me motivated! (What can I say at the end of the day I do sometimes think like a total chick!)

Cardio wise lately it's been mostly running but am hoping to get back on my bike soon. Weight wise I head to the gym here to lift. I honestly prefer free weights and I manage to beat myself up a bit each time I go in. I have a variety of workout options and I like to change it up. That was one of the things I enjoyed most about working out with Rick when I was working to get my back "fixed back up" was that no 2 workouts were ever the same. (By the way for those of you in the Clear Lake area of Texas if you need a personal trainer let me know I'll send you his way - he's awesome!) Likewise since I've gotten here I've tried to switch up my weight workouts and in other workouts I've switched it up too like adding in Pilates (which is all new to me). What I realized though is that my bag of tricks for the weight room isn't as big as I'd like it to be so I figured I would ask you - my friends - if you have any suggestions? What I am looking for is stuff in the gym, not classes like Zumba etc. but specific exercises that you either really like doing or find very effective. (Let's face it they may be ones you hate but are very effective!) Anyone have anything they'd be willing to share? I'm happy to provide my favorites too if anyone is interested :)

Happy Workout Everyone!

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