Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best of Many Worlds

I have been overwhelmingly busy lately but I have found that every so often during the day I need to take a little time for myself or else I will end up spending the whole day (and then some) working my tail off. While it's normal to work your tail off, working from home means I generally start some form of work within a half an hour of when I wake up and go all day long past normal business hours and sometimes late into the evening I still find myself working when I should be chilling out. So to combat this a bit I have been taking a break every so often to scrapbook. (Hey in some ways it's work too! It's Family Work!)

So lately I have been working on the STS-132 Mission albums. Yes I know Ken's flight was over 2 years ago and No I have not finished scrapbooking it yet! Just haven't had the time. Now that I have my own little hovel (as I like to call it) which is my pseudo-office/scrapbooking room, it's easier to get some scrapbooking done because I don't have to put everything away all the time which takes up valuable time. I get to leave it out on the table and continuously work on whatever I choose. ANyway I am digressing from my main point... Sorry!

Today I was in need of a little down time so I wander upstairs to my hovel and sat down to do a bit of scrapping. I brought my iPod with me to plug into my portable player because music just makes everything better. I was scrapping away to my favorite playlist which is titled "All Glee" and has, yep you guessed it, all the Glee songs I've bought on it (which let's be really honest - is pretty much every song ever by "Glee). So there I am happily singing along...

As I was in my groove the playlist shuffled to the "Glee" version of Lady Gag's "Edge of Glory." I burst out in a humungous smile and started dancing and singing at the top of my lungs because all of a sudden I had a merging of the best of many worlds. You see when I was fortunate enough to lead up an ISSET Astronaut Leadership Program in the Gobi Desert in June I met some absolutely AMAZING people who I know I will treasure the rest of my life.

While there a few of the gals came up with a version of Lady Gaga's song that we will all be singing the rest of our lives I think. By simply changing the word "Glory" to "Gobi" in the song it became our version of her phenomenal song and it takes us back to the incredible journey we shared together. The fact that it came on while I was scrapbooking space stuff (what one might call my first love in life - space not scrapbooking!), the fact that I love Lady Gaga and all she stands for in being yourself, the fact that it brings me such great memories of wonderful friends in a once in a lifetime place and the fact that it was being sung by "Glee" (which anyone who knows me can tell you I absolutely LOVE!!!) is why I am calling it "The Best of Many Worlds." This little few minute experience has made not just my day but my whole week I suspect.

Life is such a treasure and it's a real treat when the best of both or many worlds come together at once. What is something that you consider to be the "best of both or many worlds" for you? Whatever it is treasure it, enjoy it and keep on loving life!

"I'm on the Edge... of Gobi! And I'm hanging on a moment with you....."

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  1. How strange. Dave & i were working on your ISSET video, when you then posted some nice comments about - I then was telling the office about your comments when "Edge of Glory" came on the radio. So we turned it up full blast, which instantly got Gillian dancing and singing, "Edge of Gobi".