Monday, October 8, 2012

Marketing By Referrals - Customer Service 101

I think it's ridiculous that there are higher end services that I have recommended people to go see specific people (I don't want to name any names) and for me to find out if this person has used my recommendation I have had to directly ask. Can you say awkward? I think it's appropriate for the company/person I have referred them to to follow up to me with a thank you of some sort.

You may think I am looking for something for nothing but it's quite the contrary. When I refer someone to you I am sticking my neck out and saying your product/service is great enough that I stand behind it. Bottom line is if your product/service doesn't meet expectations I take as much of a hit as you do. I am happy to take that chance on you but it's nice to know I am appreciated in return.

Thoughts from others on this?


  1. While I appreciate an acknowledgment as well, I think it is becoming a relic of a bygone age (how sad that we say that - we are young!). These days, frankly, I'm more surprised when I get that level of interaction than when I don't.

  2. Sad isn't it? I had an experience recently that I have no idea if the gal really did use the service I suggested because it's become clear to me that the person I referred her to doesn't give any acknowledgment when I do send a referral that way :(

  3. I feel the same. I'm often left wondering if I wasted my time.