Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is this the Next Victoria's Secret Model?

Sorry if this is offensive too anyone but it was too funny to not post....

I think perhaps the modeling career may need to take a different route than Victoria's Secret though... even if he is inclined to "wear" VS!

He'd rolled around in the laundry and came out like this so of course I had to get some pictures!!

So I guess really this is a second helping of Guinness Pictures of the Week but this Title was too humorous to pass up!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guinness Picture of the Week - 29 January 2013 (Yes late again I know! Sorry!)

Well one of these days I am truly going to get back on schedule with this but once again I am a few days late.... But I didn't want to skip the pictures altogether so here they are and I am going to do my best to be on time with my blog next week!!

A quick "artsy" kind of picture for you...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some sayings...

Some sayings should come with a "..." after them at all times because there is obviously an implied statement that goes along with it too.

My latest example -
"Ignorance is Bliss."

I think the "..." at the end is VERY necessary because while it is true that Ignorance is Bliss for the Ignorant Idiot I think the follow-on part of that statement should be "... for the Ignorant and only the Ignorant" OR "... but it sure is a nightmare for those of us who have to see/hear the Ignorant."

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorant or racist stuff that people post on Facebook or Twitter...

So Ignorance is Bliss...
and don't forget the ...!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guinness Pictures of the Week 21 January 2013

Well sorry these are a day late but with us on travel I will be honest... I kind of forgot yesterday was Sunday especially with it being a 3 day weekend. Oops! Blonde moment!

Obviously Guinness is not with us right now (though I think he would like some of the cute dogs we've seen here in LA!) but I have plenty of pictures in reserve to share for this weekly blog post.

Worth noting - while we have been in here in LA, while driving around Beverly Hills (just ogling the ginormous houses) we saw Steven Spielberg our walking his dog. I couldn't help but think that if Guinness had been with us we absolutely would have managed to find a way to become friends with Mr. Spielberg!

These pictures are an example of some of the things Guinness does that just have us cracking up all the time. I am not sure how exactly this was a comfortable "squirrel watching" position but apparently he thought it was just fine...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dining Out

In case you haven't noticed the Military has some really cool traditions. One of them is a Dining Out.

The "official" definition of this event is 
Dining in is a formal military ceremony for members of a company or other unit, which includes a dinner, drinking, and other events to foster camaraderie and esprit de corps.

You'll notice that definition is called a Dining In... there's just 1 difference between a Dining In & Dining Out - In means no spouses/dates and Out means these people are allowed. (So you can see why I personally am a bigger fan of the Out :)

Wikipedia Definition

Ken and I made it our mission about a year ago to bring the Dining Out tradition back to NASA at the Aircraft Operations Division (AOD). Upon arriving here at the US Naval Academy we realized that this place was in need of a REAL Dining Out as well! We had to determine how to scope it and wether we would actually be allowed to do it. Luckily it worked out that we could do it and we held a Dining Out for the Aerospace Engineering Department & VTNA (Flying team) Class of 2013. It was a seniors only event with all the wonderful traditions of a Dining Out such as the Parading of the Beef, grog, Mr. Vice, Mr President (Ken), levying of "fines" etc.

We did tell everyone that "What happens at a Dining Out, Stays at a Dining Out" so I can't give you the gory details but I can tell you that we had some amazing special guests including a wide variety of astronauts, various Navy & Marine Corps Pilots and many others associated with aerospace. I can tell you that a good time was most definitely had by all and that those who will get the opportunity to attend next year are already talking about it.

For anyone in the Annapolis area planning an event - the N Star Room at the Stadium is an absolutely wonderful place to hold your event. Cheryl, who is in charge of events, is amazingly friendly and capable at handling pretty much anything you throw at her!

Needless to say - a good time was most definitely had by all and this is a tradition we intend to continue as long as we are here and hope it will carry over and continue even after we are gone!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guinness Pictures of the Week 13 January 2013

While we were in New Hampshire Guinness thought he was on a photo shoot apparently because he sure acted like a model for these pictures....

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Letter to Glasgow....

Dear Friends in Glasgow,

Words can hardly express how wonderful my time was in Glasgow a handful of months ago. I enjoyed seeing this wonderful city but even more importantly I loved meeting such amazing people. I enjoyed getting to chat with many of you and have enjoyed continued "chats" over Twitter etc. I love to see the excitement and passion so many of your bring to your respective fields.

I write this blog "to you" from my personal blog (as opposed to my ISSET blog) because I want you to know that this is personal to me not just business. I write this letter because I need your help. I really really really want to bring Mission Discovery to Glasgow for your students. What I LOVE about Mission Discovery is that it's inclusive not elitist like some other programs. It's the kind of program that encourages all kids to come and participate. (We do target high school and University age but have taken younger students and adults as students.) It's the kind of program that students have literally said has changed their lives. I want the youngsters of Glasgow to have an opportunity to partake in such an incredible event. (One I might mention that I sure wish existed when I was their age!) But I can't do this without your help....

If you aren't sure exactly what Mission Discovery is check out this website...
It truly is an incredibly unique event given the range of topics we cover including team building, leadership, various science, communication skills and of course space! Plus where else do you know that students can have an astronaut available for mentorship for an entire week? (Most people are happy to get to spend 1 hour listening to an astronaut and maybe get 1 question asked - attendees of Mission Discovery have access to an astronaut - and other great mentors! - for the entire program!) The program culminates with a team project where they design an experiment within given parameters which could fly into space. (And with the proper support/funding it will! Can you imagine having YOUR work sent into space?!)

I'll be honest most of the work falls to us to make it happen but the very basics I need help with right away. What are the basics? So glad you asked.... We need a place to hold Mission Discovery. Details for that....

  • Ideally a University (Frankly it's a great thing for the University overall!)
    • Certainly it is preferred that they donate the space but we can work on an agreement on that or some amount of payment if necessary
    • Options other than a University could certainly work as well... would need to evaluate 
  • We need an auditorium that could hold at least 200 students (that's the number we would target)
  • Need classrooms or other space close to the auditorium that we can use for "break-out" sessions for the students to work
  • We would need these spaces for a week during the summer (Monday-Friday 9-5)

Truly I can't even begin to make a Mission Discovery happen without a location (for obvious reasons!) but once I have a location I can promise you that I will work like crazy to make sure it is the most amazing Mission Discovery to date!!

Once we get a venue selected there is more you can do to help... help spread the word, sponsorship at various levels.... but for now... Please help me find a venue :)

Here's to making Mission Discovery Glasgow happen in 2013! Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

FIrst Guinness Photos of the Week for 2013! 6 January 2013

Hey everyone! I know I have quite a few blogs to write this week (if I can find the time!) but I certainly couldn't miss out on the first "Guinness Pictures of the Week" for 2013!

So here's Guinness being spoiled by "Daddy" by being allow to lick the plate once it was pretty much empty. It may have been pretty empty but he was still pretty darn happy about it!!!