Monday, January 21, 2013

Guinness Pictures of the Week 21 January 2013

Well sorry these are a day late but with us on travel I will be honest... I kind of forgot yesterday was Sunday especially with it being a 3 day weekend. Oops! Blonde moment!

Obviously Guinness is not with us right now (though I think he would like some of the cute dogs we've seen here in LA!) but I have plenty of pictures in reserve to share for this weekly blog post.

Worth noting - while we have been in here in LA, while driving around Beverly Hills (just ogling the ginormous houses) we saw Steven Spielberg our walking his dog. I couldn't help but think that if Guinness had been with us we absolutely would have managed to find a way to become friends with Mr. Spielberg!

These pictures are an example of some of the things Guinness does that just have us cracking up all the time. I am not sure how exactly this was a comfortable "squirrel watching" position but apparently he thought it was just fine...


  1. You'll be happy to know that Katie-Pie finally did it to me at the grocery store the other day! She shouted, "I love Guinness!!" about 50 million times while we were strolling down the cereal aisle. And, of course, the store was crowded....

    And on an even funnier note, she now wants to wear furry underpants, just like Guinness. This kid cracks me up!

  2. Your little cat/dog never ceases to get an "ahhhhhh" out of me. :-)