Monday, October 15, 2012

Race Calendar Ideas for Next Year (2013)

Okay so this was certainly not one of my "better" years as far as races go... to be honest by the time 2012 is done it's entirely possible that I may end up only having run 1 half marathon! Man does that put me behind in my goal for Half 2 Run.  (For those of you who don't know Half 2 Run is a group where you try and run a half marathon in half the 50 states. You know how I like a goal and to travel so this works well for me! Check them out! Half 2 Run Website)

I am signed up for the Annapolis Half in December of this year because I can literally walk to and from the finish line which is a total bonus!
It appears there are still spaces available if anyone wants to join me... I think Mel & BJ may be in...

I have decided that next year I am going to work to check off a couple states in my quest....

Nike Women's Marathon (& Half) is bringing their Half to Washington DC on April 28th. Apparently DC gets to count as a state so that's an added bonus :) There are very very few details out there about this race so far but here's what I can tell you... Mel & I have run the Nike Women's Half in San Francisco and there at the finish line instead of a regular medal you get a Tiffany Necklace (complete with little blue box and bag) handed to you by a man in a tux holding a silver platter full of the beautiful blue bags. THAT is enough to make me want to run this event in April. Here's the little bit of info that is available on Facebook
Those of you who know me know I DETEST Team in Training and many many of their runners (oh don't even get me started) but I am willing to tolerate that debacle of a headache at the race for the bling especially given that it's a true Tiffany Necklace. Sadly it is a lottery to get in so I will keep my fingers crossed.
A few pictures from when Mel and I did this run some years back...

In October I am strongly considering the Hershey Half Marathon though the date has yet to be announced..... I mean a half in Chocolate Town USA? Yes please!!

There are some runs I am not wanting to do next year.....
I am still feeling bitter about my last Rock-N-Roll experience so I think perhaps I will wait til 2014 to foray back into that series.
We have a moratorium on Disney runs for another few years. We've done loads of them and have decided to wait a handful of years and then maybe go back and do a bunch of them again in the same year,,,,

States I want to accomplish before we move out of Annapolis (I am assuming we will be here for 3 years - this list changes if that changes.....)

  • New York
  • Delaware
    • There's one in Rehoboth (Hello Dogfish Head) but it's when it's likely cold... hmmmm...
    • And can't do it this year because that the day Navy will be beating Army in Philly ;)
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Connecticut
  • Pennsylvania
    • Hershey Half as mentioned above
  • West Virginia?
  • DC - okay I know it's not a real state but it officially counts in the tally!

Of course there are many other states I really want to run like Hawaii and Alaska but the above list is what is easy striking distance from where we are currently living so it does make sense to really work on those while we are on the East Coast.... not saying I won't travel to other places because I certainly will!!

Other races that are of interest as well
The Land of Oz Marathon
      but can't do it in 2013 due to other obligations....

The Flying Pirate
       but can't do it in 2013 due to other obligations...

So does anyone have a race they are just itching to run? If so let me know and maybe I'll join you! I certainly intend to have more races on the calendar in 2013 than I've had in 2012! As you can perhaps tell we've had a little fun over the years racing together as friends :)

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon

Regular Disney Half Marathon

Rock-N-Roll New Orleans

Rock-N-Roll Chicago

Disney Wine & Dine (Inaugural)

Seattle Rock-N-Roll

Virginia Beach Rock-N-Roll

And for the record yes I do frequently run in a tutu! Just makes it more fun :) Here's a link to some great tutus if you want to join in the entertainment ;)Halloween Purple Organza Adult's Tutu (Google Affiliate Ad)

Disney Princess Half Marathon


  1. Good luck! We want to see the Tiffany Necklace!
    Would join you but I "ran out" years ago.

  2. Let me know if you run anywhere fun (and warm!) in 2013. I'm good for anything after I recover from Houston Marathon in Jan through end of April when I start an Ironman taper.