Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baking... Baking... Baking...

Let me start off with the up front comment that I know I am not half the baker that my awesome chocolate sister Cerissa is but I do enjoy baking (and of course I really enjoy eating yummy baked goods!) so I have been enjoying the variety of treats I've had time to make over the past couple months since we got settled in. I've done easy things like chocolate chip cookies and tried completely new things some of which I've loved and some of which were good but not amazing. 

Since I commented that I was making cake balls the other day I thought it only fair to let you know how they turned out... 

Why Cake balls? Well I had found a cook cookbook all about cake balls while I was at Marshall's the other day and just couldn't resist picking it up. Plus they are great bite sized desserts so I thought what the heck I will give it a try. (The cookbook is really cool! Check it out! A wide variety of options!)

I made yellow cake with confectioners frosting cake balls and then also chocolate bourbon & bacon cake balls. (Yes the second one is an odd combination but it was a totally different kind of recipe so I thought I'd step outside the box and give it a try!)

Before you get to look at the picture let me first say that making these was all about taste and not appearance. Yes I did some VERY rudimentary decoration but that is not what it was all about. I will be the first to tell you that the cake balls are not perfectly round nor are they all the same size and the decor is definitely sloppy.

I took a plateful to Ken's office and they absolutely disappeared. We had some friends over and 1 of our "adopted" midshipmen and they had some too. The verdict on both types was the same - very tasty!  Ken took some of the leftovers to a meeting full of midshipmen last night and they got devoured there too with the same response - yum! I just sent a batch to another "adopted" mid of ours so we will see what he has to say.... Bottom line though the response was good! Problem is.... they are a TOTAL PAIN to make in my opinion. It took way too long for my liking. And as far as eating them goes I do think they are tasty but I like a good cupcake MUCH better so unfortunately for all the cake ball lovers yes I will make them again at some point but that some point won't be anytime soon. (Unless of course the appropriate bribery is offered!)

As I type I am baking a lemon cake for one of our "adopted" midshipmen. Why? Well because I offered to bake whatever whenever they just have to let me know. Apparently he and some other classmates lost a bet to someone and the payment is a lemon cake so I was happy to help out. Hopefully it's good because I won't get to taste test it to find out. That said I wouldn't taste test it to find out because I am not really a lemon cake fan. (For those of you who may be keeping track I also do not like pumpkin, spice or carrot cake!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's tasty though because to each his/her own on what kind of baked goods they like!

Now if only I could find the perfect cupcake here in Annapolis... I am still on that quest :) 

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