Thursday, November 3, 2011

What in the World are some Parents thinking?!?!

NOTE - Definitely politically incorrect stuff in here....

Ever hear the saying "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, I've become my Mother after all?" Well I have to say Mom was right many years ago and I have grown to fully appreciate it in my adult life. About what you ask? What is appropriate attire for a teenage girl to wear.

So yesterday we wandered about looking for a back-up formal dress for me for the Marine Corps Ball. (Don't ask why a back-up it's a long story!) Sadly we ran into the same thing we have before when shopping for a nice formal dress - you either look matronly or like a $2 hooker! We spent most of the day picking out dresses and taking pictures to laugh at them because they were so bad! Many of these dresses were ridiculously short! At David's Bridal there was a semi-formal dress that literally would barely have covered my butt check!! Many of these dresses were cut in ways that I find to be absolutely unacceptable for a teenage girl to wear. There is absolutely no reason that a high school girl should be wearing an extreme plunging neckline or even quite frankly a strapless dress intended to show off cleavage. Because that is just what they are - GIRLS. These are not grown women they are girls and they do not need to be dressing like bimbos. Most appalling to me is that clearly there are lots of parents not only allowing their daughters to wear these slutty dresses but most of them are buying them for their daughters! What the hell has happened to this world?

I am glad I don't have a teenage daughter because I would ground her just for asking if she was allowed to wear some of this crap that so many consider acceptable.

You all know I am anything but a prude; however, I don't find this to be a prude topic (well it could be but not the way I am talking about it.) I have no problem with girls wearing dresses that look fabulous. I am not saying they should wear something that covers their knees and their arms. But they shouldn't be wearing dresses that aren't even as long as their fingertips when they are at their sides and I sure as hell shouldn't be seeing all their cleavage. Here's my next unpopular comment on this - when young girls dress like this they are asking for trouble. Guys who don't realize that these girls are jailbait are probably more than these girls can necessarily handle and there's no telling what trouble will come from that.

Bottom line - quit dressing your teenage girls, or quit allowing them to dress themselves, like whores!


  1. Here's my unpopular comment:
    Men are supposed to understand that "no" means "no".
    Newsflash: Some men still don't understand this. Worse yet, some that do understand it don't care.
    These predators will pick from their available prey those girls who seem to them to be less likely to mean "no" or even to say it.

    Your attire will help them choose.

    Just because you aren't asking for it doesn't mean you aren't in danger of getting it.

  2. I couldn't agree more with the comment above. These kids are trying too hard at too young an age to be sexy. To them, they're just looking pretty like the models in magazines. They really don't understand that their look is sending a message and they are not equipped to handle the repercussions that come with looking easy.