Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I will make no apologies for the fact that I love the Twilight series! It's brain and eye candy and I find it entertaining! So of course I had to go catch the latest movie as soon as it came out. Me and some girlfriends (most of whom will remain nameless because they were at "Very Important Meetings" at work during this time) decided that instead of going to the midnight showing (like we have done previously) we would catch the 11am show at Star Cinema so that there would be less screaming teenagers and we could have a drink while we watched the abs I mean movie.

Well I have to say that once again the movie did not disappoint. Being a big fan of the books it's always questionable as to wether the movie can live up to the book and I have to say overall this one did (as have the other ones). Obviously they have had to cut some stuff out due to the length and also because quite frankly if done fully by the book this movie would be impossible to keep PG-13. (I am hoping they will put out a director's cut with the DVD which I am sure would be rated R because allegedly they had to go through and cut out tons of stuff they shot in order to keep it acceptable for the lower rating of PG-13.)

I won't give away any details but I will say the only thing I was disappointed in was that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) didn't take off his shirt nearly enough. I'll be honest I am an equal opportunity fan of Team Jacob and Team Edward!

So for all you Twilight fans out there - go check out the movie. You won't be disappointed in the entertainment! I'm just irritated they are making us wait a whole year til next NOvember for Part 2!!!

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  1. Yeah, definitely could have used more Jacob!!!!