Saturday, November 5, 2011

United/Continental (Whatever they are called!) response to my letter..

As you may recall I wrote a letter to United/Continental (Whatever!) a few weeks back. I underline and bold "I" because Continental/United demonstrated to me just how much they don't pay attention to detail. I wrote the letter including all of my contact information, Onepass number etc. I also wrote about one instance of issue that Ken specifically had in addition to all my other issues (included Ken's Onepass number as well). I signed the letter - only me! Well a return letter came in the mail yesterday.... to Ken! Really?! The written response is less than desirable but they did issue both of us some Continental Credit towards a flight so that part I am happy with. What kills me though is it's this type of lack of attention to detail that is such an issue in general! Priceless huh?!

1 comment:

  1. In other words, they didn't even read your letter. This is obviously a "One size fits all" form letter that likely goes to any complainant.
    I suppose it's a good business decision for them to do that. It probably defuses 80% or more of the complaints they get, without them having lift a finger to rectify the problem.