Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming Soon!

How many of you have had troubles with sharing pictures with your friends and family after a big event? I know I certainly have. I've used a wide variety of ways but they all have issues...

  • Facebook - can't easily download all the pictures at once and you can't easily group your pictures with pictures from other people at the same event
  • DropBox - Not the easiest to use interface
  • KodakGallery, Snapfish etc. etc. etc - Again can't easily download all the pictures at once and can't group pictures
I suppose I could continue to go on and on about the issues I have had with various mediums for this but I won't... instead I'll tell you about how I am excited about something that is coming soon....

Event Stacks!

The idea is you and all of your friends and family can upload, store and share all your photos from an event in one convenient place. It is going to revolutionize how we share pictures and I can't wait for it!

I will admit the folks who are starting this are my friends but I also have to tell you that when they told me about this idea I literally started bouncing up and down because I knew what a great idea this is! I immediately started peppering them with questions about when it would be available because to be honest I needed this years ago! I so wish I would have had this to use for our wedding, Ken's launches, The Marine Corps Balls we've attended, Girls Wine Trips, Group Vacations and so many more things! 

Event Stacks is not up and running yet but it's in work. You can help get it going faster by going online to and registering today!

As their slogan says
                 "Live It. Stack It. Share It." 
Please share this with all your friends and family! 

I absolutely can't wait to start sharing my pictures this way!!! Check it out!

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