Friday, April 26, 2013

Air Travel by Weight....

Many of you who have read my blog in the past have no doubt read one of my issues with airlines is that frequently I end up having to "share" my seat with a large person who is stuffed into the seat next to me. (In case you haven't read my comments before let me boil it down to the simple point - I don't like being uncomfortable in my seat which I paid for because they don't fit in their seat.)

Samoa Air is doing something that is a first for airlines... They are charging passengers by the pound for their weight as an individual and luggage. Frankly I just think this makes sense. Let's face it - what it costs for an airplane to fly is based on weight so why shouldn't people who are larger or have more luggage be expected to pay for more of the cost. (If you go to a restaurant and it takes 3 meals to fill you up you pay more money than the person who just orders one meal... same concept in my opinion.) I don't find this discriminatory I find this to be good business and in the end I find it more fair to everyone. Of course I find it more fair because I believe that equal means equal which also means everyone pays their equal share.

I would like to see all airlines adopt this policy. Weigh the passengers, weigh their luggage and base the ticket price on that. Along those lines - no more free lap children. They may not weigh much but it's not free to fly them. They have weight to them which means that they require fuel... if you're going to charge more for people who weigh more to make all things equal you must also charge for these small children as well. 

I don't doubt I end up highly unpopular for these thoughts but I challenge you that if you really think of it from a business and equality perspective... perhaps you might see it in a different light....

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