Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guinness Pictures of the Week - 4 November 2012

Well I have been a slacker and have done no blog posting at all since last week's Guinness pictures.... so I will try to make up for that with posting quite a few pictures of  the crazy adorable Guinness in this blog.

This house on the Naval Academy that we are living in was built for Guinness I think. There are so many windows and he loves to look out of ALL of them!!! Of course he's generally looking for squirrels and he really likes that some of the windows are looking out into trees so he's a squirrel level. I do think sometimes he does just enjoy sitting and watching the world go by too...

He's not really allowed to do this but it was so funny when he did I had to take a picture!!

I was in the process of changing the sheets and had set them on the ledge - Guinness took it as an invitation to crawl in them to look out the window!

We call this his meerkat pose

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