Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guinness Pictures of the Week - 1 April 2012

Well apparently Guinness loves coffee shops now? Why you ask... well...
While I was really sick a few weeks ago (meaning when I could hardly get off the couch for more than 20 minutes as opposed to now when I just sound awful still) I got really tired of drinking tea so I headed out to Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop here in Friendswood to pick myself up a latte. (My coffee needs to not taste like coffee.) I took Guinness along for the ride because he really needed to get out of the house too. He had his head out the back window (cracked just enough that he can get his head out but not actually get out in the event of a squirrel sighting) and as I pulled up to the window the guy gave me my cup and Guinness gave a little bark. Not a mean bark mind you but a "Hey look at me" kind of bark. The kid laughed and said "He must know." I asked him what it was he must know and he pulled out dog treats that were on the counter and proceeded to give Guinness one. Needless to say Guinness was a very happy camper. We went back to Dunn over the next week several times (hot drinks just made my throat feel better) and each time Guinness waited patiently for his treat and when they appeared to forget he'd give a little bark to let them know he hadn't forgotten!

Friday I was up WAY WAY too early to see the Cyfarthfa students off to the airport. I was barely coherent so I decided that I needed to go through Starbucks (since it was on the way) to get a latte to wake up. I had brought Guinness with me for the morning because I figured the kids would get a kick out of meeting him and that it probably wouldn't be a big issue for him to be right outside the hotel front entrance or even in the lobby. So we go through the drive through at Starbucks, I get my latte and then Guinness gives out his little "Yo don't forget about me" bark. I started cracking up! I explained to the girl he must be able to smell the coffee and thus associates it with a treat because he gets one when we go to Dunn. Without missing a beat she says - "Oh - I can make him a doggie whip!" Wondering what a doggie whip is? So was I. Turns out it's an espresso cup full of whipped cream. Guinness was in absolute heaven to say the least. He had whipped cream all over his whiskers and face. Now the question is does he like Dunn or Starbucks better? :)

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