Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Am I riding the MS150?

Well some of you have wondered given how crappy I'd been feeling for the better part of 2 months and my lovely sort-of diagnosis of pneumonia/pertussis (I say sort of because they could never nail down exactly which one it was at the tail end of but they think it was one of them!) wether I would actually be riding the MS150.....

What I can tell you is... it may not be pretty but I WILL RIDE! As a very dear friend of mine commented when we were discussing this very subject and I wasn't sure.... "We both know you are riding. I'll be most shocked if you don't." She's right it's just not in me to not ride! As difficult as it might be for me to ride (here's to hoping another 4 days of the latest round of meds will keep improving my breathing abilities!) I know it's nothing in the difficulty scheme compared to living with MS so I WILL RIDE! I will ride for my dear friends and family who I am so honored to ride for and I will ride for all those who I don't know but are battling MS.

So we've established that my butt will be on a bike all weekend... all I'm asking of you guys is to do the easy part - open your wallet and donate the equivalent of a Starbucks. Help me help this cause!
Click here to donate!!

If I can I will try and blog from the road ... we'll see how it goes...

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