Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cirque du Soleil

Okay I admit it... I am a bit of a Cirque du Soleil addict. I love Cirque shows so much that I make a concerted effort to see whatever show I can when it's in town or I am in a city that there is one I haven't seen. In fact when I was in Tokyo at one point even though I had seen Dralion prior in the US I decided to make my way to seeing it in Japan as well.

I love the artistry, the talent, the music of every show and I love that every show is so different. Most shows I watch and think "Holy cow there's so much going on that I could come and see this show a half a dozen times and see something different every time!"

If you have not yet seen a show I encourage you to do so! There are several touring shows where Cirque will bring Le Grand Chapiteau to your city and do shows for several weeks. Every seat in the "tent" is a good one and well worth the trip! If you go to Vegas, Orlando or LA there are "housed" shows there where they have "permanent" theaters so those are always a good option too! Need a recommendation? Let me know. I told you I am an addict... I've seen 15 DIFFERENT shows! (A few of them I have seen twice!)
But honestly bottom line is you can't go wrong with any of them!!!

Shows I have seen
Banana Shpeel
La Nouba

There is an iPhone App you can download that will give you a list of all the shows and where they are.

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