Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guinness Goes to the Beach!

Well I guess the title isn't entirely correct because Guinness got to go to not 1 but 2 beaches today! Unfortunately it wasn't exactly sunbathing weather  but given that Guinness is not a huge fan of the water or the heat I think today was right up his alley!

We started the day in Rehoboth Beach where Ken and I took Guinness for a run on the beach. He got to run free for a bit (steering very clear of the water as he usually does!) and made some new friends too.

Then Guinness had to some posing in his doggie "I wanna be a model" style....

Of course we had to take a family pic while we were out having fun...

Then on the way back home to Annapolis as we were driving past Sandy Point Park (not far at all from Annapolis) we decided to go ahead and pull off the highway and pull in and let him take a run on the beach there too!

Bottom line is Guinness had a big fun day! And since these beaches don't let dogs on them during the high season doggies are not allowed on the beach we are glad to give Guinness a chance to enjoy them now.

I think it's safe to say Guinness was all worn out from his adventures and travels from the weekend!

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