Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squirrel Antics for Corn

All of you who know Guinness know how he loves to chase squirrels. Now let me preface by we don't want him to actually catch a squirrel but watching him spaz out at the window when he sees them is quite entertaining - the noises he makes are beyond hilarious! And I must say watching him flat out sprint after them is pretty funny too. We feared with it being winter here we might not have any squirrels in the yard to entertain Guinness so we decided to put up a squirrel feeder. That said Ken wanted the squirrels to have to work for it and for them to have the ability to get away from Guinness so he dangled it from the eve of the garage and there is a tree right next store. I finally managed to catch the squirrel eating the corn on camera.... HILARIOUS! And you can hear Guinness and his funny noises he makes... Sorry for the lousy camera work but I had limited capabilities since I had to zoom way in to get the squirrel....

Not sure which I am more amused by... the back flip or the Tilt-a-Squirrel ride ;)

Since my space on the blog is somewhat limited by the data plan I have to pay for I decided to upload my video  to Youtube instead - click here to check it out!!

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