Saturday, December 8, 2012

Go Navy! Beat Army! Spirit Spots

So a tradition for many many years is for the Mids to create "spirit spots" for the Army Navy Game. Some are very elaborate, some are very clever, some are both, some are none of the above but all are great shows of spirit.

I've seen in some forum where people have gotten crabby about the fact that the Mids are creating things like this. Please remember that yes while they are at a Military Academy they are still college age students and they can't spend every single waking moment studying or drilling. More importantly things like this are huge morale boosters and are actually great tools in the fleet. (Anyone remember the "Pump It" video from some folks on deployment with free time on their hands? It was a huge morale boost for folks!)

Here are links to some great ones from this year

For the Real Players

Mother-B Boys: Ray Ban Vision

Spirit Spot - Modified from a Maroon 5 Song

What can I say this is still my absolute favorite!! It makes me grin EVERY time I watch it or even think of it :)
Gagnam Style!!!

In the end it's the best rivalry in sports. (Note I didn't say biggest I said best.) At the end of this these guys will be brothers in arms fighting for our country... but for now...

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