Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pavlov would be proud....

Ken and I have always had a system for making the kids lunches... In the evenings I put together the whole lunch except the sandwich. In the morning Ken makes the sandwich (since he is much more of a morning person than I am.) On a separate note - we never feed Guinness from our plates or the table. The last thing we want to do is have him begging or looking at us longingly for food when we eat. So if he gets any food scraps etc. it always goes in his food bowl when he isn't looking. Well Ken started putting a little sliver of lunch meat in his bowl while making sandwiches in the morning. So now as soon as Guinness gets out of bed (because he pretty much always stays in bed with me since I don't get up as early as Ken) instead of immediately going to the door to go outside he has to do a "drive-by" of his food bowl to see if there's a treat there!

Sometimes we are awake when Ken puts food in the bowl and when he drops it (no matter how small the morsel is) it makes a bit of a plink noise. Guinness has become extremely in tune with that noise. He can be sound asleep on the couch and we can drop the teeny tiniest morsel into his bowl and the "PLINK" noise it makes has him up and running for his food bowl. It's hilarious because sometimes he slips and slides on the til getting there he's in such a hurry!

Well Ken has decided to be a bit evil and has recorded the "PLINK" sound on his iPhone... poor Guinness isn't wise enough to figure out that if both of us are on the couch with him then obviously there is no one to drop food into his bowl!! I think he thinks that the food just magically appears there! I know the whole recorded bit is sort of cruel but I have to admit I can't help but laugh!!!

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  1. Poor G-Dawg!! Soooo clueless.....lucky for him that he's so darned cute!! Love me some Guinness.