Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guinness Pictures of the Week - 19 February 2012

While I was in Australia, playing with the kangaroos, I kept thinking that Guinness would love to have a little roo to play with. I also thought if he smelled the roos he would go nutso wondering what kind of animal I had been playing with and how dare I play with another animal while I have left him alone. So I devised what I thought was going to be a hilarious plan.... When I went back to the wildlife park with Mel I took a washcloth with me (don't worry Vicki it wasn't one of yours!) and wiped it all over the kangaroo to grab some of his smell. The roo thought it was his new toy....

I sealed it in a ziplock bag to bring back to Guinness. Once I got home I waited an extra day so Ken could get home from his work trip too... I was convinced it was going to be hilarious when I have Guinness the cloth... well much to my dismay I couldn't have been more wrong. He looked at the cloth and looked at me like "What the heck is this? And why would I be interested in it?) So much for my grand idea ;) Back to the original idea of bringing him an actual roo!!

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