Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegas Trip Report

Just a few thoughts on this trip here in Vegas - not a real trip report because in part, to be honest, I've been sick the majority of the time that we have been here so we haven't done a whole heck of a lot.

We've been staying at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club... some of these guys have been/will be out here for months for work so it's a nice place to stay because it's a timeshare lace so there is a full kitchen and a separate living room. It's about halfway between the Wynn and the Stratosphere so not an optimal location but not bad. Biggest issue is there is not a true restaurant or bar on the property. There is a Marketplace that has coffee, some breakfast items, sandwiches and pizzas as well as some "pantry" items that you can buy.

New Year's Eve
We looked into going to a nice dinner that night but honestly the prices were about double the normal for a prix fixe menu without alcohol.... so we decided to pick up some pizzas and drinks and pre-party in our room. We then walked down to the Wynn where we went to a couple bars there. (Not clubs - we didn't want to pay the ridiculous over the top covers for those places just because they had idiots like the Kardashians as the celebrity guests.) There was some great people watching no matter where you were! As we got closer to midnight we took our to-go drinks out to the strip to ring in the New Year out there. About half a dozen of the hotels/casinos shot off fireworks at Midnight which was kind of cool. I have to say it felt odd that there was no "Auld Lang Syne" playing.... and to be honest the fireworks at Disney are much better. But it was a neat experience and I am glad to say that Ken and I got to have that experience together. I will say though that given how packed Vegas was in general and the elevated prices I don't think I would choose to ring in the New Year again in Vegas... to be honest the only reason we did it this time is because Ken had to be here for work anyway.

Public House
This is in the Venetian - it opened on New Years Eve apparently. Their claims to fame are an amazing beer selection and quite the wine selection as well. There are 22 beers on tap and 200 more in the bottle. We sat down at the bar while we waited for the rest of our buddies to join us. Mindy the bartender was VERY knowledgable and happy to answer questions about their beers on tap. She was happy to offer a few samples as well so we could decide exactly what we wanted. This is a place that has virtually no crap on tap.... I say virtually because they do have Stella and Hoegarten both of which are ImBev products which I have no declared are included along with the crap because it's ImBev. We eventually sat down for dinner and the dishes were varied and delicious. We had some rarebit (Delicious!), Jared ordered some parfait foie gras (I don't like it but to each their own), Ken's burger was delicious and they have the awesome skinny fries, I had a short rib that was marinated with Black Butte Porter which was quite tasty as well. In Short - if you're in the area definitely check this place out. Between me and Ken we had 5 different beers and were happy with all of them!

La Cave -Wynn
We decided that no matter if I was feeling lousy or not (which I was sadly) we were going to attempt to have a date night while here. (I mean I drug my fancy new sparkly shoes with me and I just HAD to wear them somewhere!) The last time we had been in Vegas (meaning in 2010 not earlier in the month of December 2011) La Cave had not been open so I was excited to try out this new place. It's a small plates type of place where you order a variety of items to share instead of a big entree. You may also have guessed by the name that it is a wine place as well. We had an amazing half bottle of Joseph Phelps and then tried some Australian wine as well. The cheese board is spectacular and all the food we ordered was delicious as well. This place is so high end that you can get Opus by the glass! I was so tempted but given that I was still sick I decided that I would hold off on the $50 glass til I was sure my taste buds were well!! La Cave is a must do if you are in Vegas!!

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