Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My latest soapbox about airlines...

You know how I say some of my blogs will be offensive? Well guess what – I am pretty sure this one will be to some folks… especially moms with small children… consider yourself forewarned…

Can someone please explain to me how it is that airlines are charging for everything these days (I fully expect there to be a charge for air to breathe before too long!) yet people can still bring a small child onboard as a lap child for free? If I want to bring my dog (who quite frankly is much cuter and more well-behaved than most children on airplanes) it will cost me ~$150 EACH WAY and it counts as a carry on. Last time I checked if he has to be counted as a carry-on, and I get 2 carry-ons for free, why the heck do I have to pay for him just because he is of the canine variety. Not to mention the 2 carry-on rule… apparently that doesn’t apply to folks traveling with children either. I just watched a woman walk on with a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, bag full of toys, backpack and a purse. (Note – this is in addition 2 the 2 carry-on items her husband had with him.)

Why is it that the average person if they want to sit in a premium economy seat will have to pay extra (unless they are a frequent flyer) yet they will seat someone with a lap child there for free? How is that fair to the average person?

Bottom line – the word equality. Everyone should have the same rights/have to pay for the same things.  (Obviously you are going to get special treatment if you are flying first class or if you are an elite frequent flyer – those things you have paid for or earned from the airline, which makes them fair. Being a parent doesn’t entitle you to these things. You chose to have a child and as such you chose what goes along with that.) Am I saying that a dog is equal to a child – no. But if my dog is a carry-on I have to pay for that actually fits under the seat why is it that a breathing human being can occupy the lap of someone (crowding generally the person in the seat next to them) for free? Speaking of crowding – last time I checked I paid for my seat – THE ENTIRE SEAT! So if you are too large to fit in yours you need to buy a second seat. That’s not discriminating against large people that is called equality. Why is it no groups ever protest that we people that actually fit into our seat are being discriminated against by being forced to sit next to large people who spill over into our seats?!

I’d like to see airlines create airplanes that have child-free areas or even make specific flights child free. I’d even be happy to pay more for that. If you think that’s harsh try flying for 17 hours with a screaming child anywhere in your near vicinity and then tell me if your opinion has changed.

So I guess that’s the end of my tirade… feel free to throw stones at it… I am happy to listen to them address them…

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  1. Our flight to Germany in 2009 was completely ruined by a little boy whose mommy could not be bothered to supervise him. She slept. He did not. And I'd rather drive to Orlando than be on a Disney-bound plane (or worse - tired and cranky kids on the way BACK from Disney). I'd pay a premium for child-free flights any day.