Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yes I admit it... I am a GLEEK!

I have to admit - Glee is sort of like some other things that I have come to love... I initially was "anti" Glee (just like I was initially anti-facebook) but after giving it a try my attitude totally changed.

Since season 1 my friend TJ had repeatedly told me that I should watch Glee because he thought I would like all the singing and dancing (what can I say - I am a sucker for musicals!). I just didn't think I would be interested so I didn't watch. This past spring I was at my friend Annie's house where here husband was watching an episode. I sat down and watched the last few minutes of the episode and thought "Hey - maybe I can get into this after all." I came back to Houston and a few weeks later was at my friend Rebecca's house. She was giving me a tour of her new home and in her workout room I saw the Season 1 DVD set of Glee out. Rebecca raved about it and loaned me Season 1 (since she was already working on the first half of season 2). Little did I know...

I went home (Ken was in Afghanistan) and started watching.... before I knew it I looked at the clock and it was 2am!!! I simply could not stop watching I was so enamored with the show. I loved it all! The characters... the dialogue... especially the singing and dancing. I was HOOKED! Literally it only took me a few days to go through the whole first season. 22 episodes! There were a few times that I texted Rebecca and told her that she was evil for giving me the DVD set to watch since sleep was something that I was having a hard time making myself do since I wanted to watch the next episode as soon as I finished one! (Yes I know - it's a sickness and an addiction....)

Luckily Rebecca had the first half of season 2 on DVD as well (the second half of season 2 had not yet been released...) but she wasn't quite done so I had to wait a few days til I could borrow that. Those were a very LONG few days ;) Upon arrival of the first half of season 2 I absolutely devoured it. I find Season 2 to be even better than Season 1. I've found myself suddenly liking songs when they are sung by Glee that I didn't like before. Next stop for me - iTunes to buy some Glee music. (Did I mentioned addiction and obsession?!) I'll tell you what - The Warblers (okay really Blaine - played by Darren Criss) can sing to me ANYTIME!

When I finished the DVDs I realized that the rest of Season 2 was still going on Fox in "real time." Problem was I was about a half a dozen episodes behind from the DVDs to the current shows available on the Cable On Demand... What to do? What to do? Yay for the internet! Thank you Hulu for your 1 week free trial subscription. I signed up for about 2 days and proceeded to watch all the episodes that I was lacking on my laptop and then I was onto watching On Demand and then finally Real Time (okay well on my DVR at least 15 minutes after the show actually starts.)

What do I love about this show you ask? Well there are so many things! I love the music and the dancing but much more than that I have such an affinity for the characters. Rachel has to be my overall favorite - Lea Michele has an absolutely incredible voice and I love this character. I love the complexity of the character Kurt (Chris Colfer) and I think he and Blaine (Darrin Criss) are just beyond adorable together. I love that Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan (writers and producers) aren't afraid to tackle taboo issues. Don't kid yourself - this show is NOT for young kids. They tackle some very adult issues that plague teenagers today. I guess part of the reason I love it too is that I was one of those picked on kids in middle school and even high school. I was not a cool kid - not even remotely! When Glee sang the song "Loser Like Me" during season 2 (Rebecca if you haven't seen that episode yet you need to go buy the second half of season 2 DVDs cuz that episode is AWESOME!) it really spoke to me. I had to laugh because it's so silly yet so poignant!

So I honestly have to say many thanks to TJ, Doug & Rebecca for showing me the way to Glee!

I have accepted my Gleekness and was so excited last week that it was the start of Season 3! Don't Stop Believing.....

And Rebecca - you, me, slushees and Glee karaoke soon!!

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