Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh what the heck - let's give this a go....

I’ve had several people suggest that because I travel so much I should blog about it… I’ve had people suggest the same thing because of the running in various places that I do… Plus I miss writing (just haven’t really had the time to do it since college)…So I decided to give it a shot…

What can I tell you about my blog? Well I can assure you it will be a random mix of a variety of things… pretty much all over the board (like I am!)… It will certainly feature travel, running, beer, wine, chocolate, food & restaurants, musings about space (as in outer space!) and whatever else is on my mind or I think you might find interesting.

I can also assure you that many times it will be politically incorrect. I do not in any way believe in political correctness so there is no way that this blog will be. I will do my best to start at the beginning of an entry with a disclaimer if it will be a particularly over-the-top entry but bottom line is this point of this is to give you my thoughts generally unfiltered.

I will do my best to write up tidbits of advice for the places I visit as well as reviews for the places I eat, stay, drink etc.

Some days it may be useless information like how darn adorable my dog Guinness is and honestly I am not so sure that’s useless information! I mean, heck a doggie modeling agent might get a hold of this blog and decide to sign him up and then I can live the life of luxury being his well-taken-care-of mom J

I’ll leave you with this thought… how many of you have seen the Hamster Kia Soul commercial? The one where they sing and dance? I LOVE that commercial (and can often be seen doing the dance of the hamsters in the tutus… I think of this blog in that musical fashion (Sing this to the tune of that song on the commercial) “A little bit of this…. A little bit of that…. A little bit of this…. A little bit of that….”

Stay tuned…


  1. Mr Butler picks on me for loving that very same commercial! I crack up every time it comes on! :-) Welcome to blogging!

  2. You should post a Guinness picture of the week :)