Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yep Just a Bit More Political Commentary

I figure it's easier to post a bunch here on a periodic basis than deal with my entire Facebook page being taken over..

This one is so beyond awesome I had to led with it. Warning his language is very crass but he does it with the intention (at least that's what I think) of being shocking to get his point across. Bottom line is he just tells it like it is and I applaud him for it!
Football player response to Gay Marriage Issue

This one I LOVE! It dovetails nicely with a motto I have - "Never trust a man who doesn't drink." If you think I am kidding about that one you are mistaken. Honestly I think if everyone would sit down and have a beer or 2 together we could sort a lot of the world's problems out. I am not saying get obliterated but just a beer or 2 to chill everyone out and loosen everyone up.
The Wrath of Grapes

This is a great read for all in my opinion....
What you mean I am supposed to be able to scientifically back up beliefs instead of just regurgitating words?

Here's a great perspective on marriage for all....

And this definitely should strike a chord with many... this man served our country in War.... how many people have done that who we are denying their rights to?
Romney put on the spot

I am going to call this the "Are you Fucking Kidding Me?" section of links....

Paul Ryan on Rape & Abortion

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